Our commitment is to build homes that are ENERGY STAR ® & Earth Advantage compliant and have less impact on our environment, while providing benefits to the homeowner such as lower energy bills and a healthier living environment. We use top quality materials and processes to ensure that your new home provides you with long lasting value and durability.


Since becoming a trade ally for ENERGY STAR® and Earth Advantage programs we've come to realize the many benefits of these construction methods. We view construction of your home as a holistic process with each system we install working in conjunction with the other systems. Starting from the foundation up we take many extra measures to waterproof the building shell ensuring that the home will shed water rather than it being trapped in tightly built wall cavities causing issues such as dry rot and mold. Unwanted air intrusion is significantly reduced by properly sealing of all penetrations and careful installation of insulation. Our HVAC subcontractors provide innovative solutions with their knowledge of HVAC design, air quality products, state certified sealed ducts and high efficient equipment, systems feature sealed ducts and high quality components. We also measurably ventilate our homes with filtered fresh outdoor air. Creating a much better indoor air quality VS a standard code built home.

If you are chemical sensitive we can paint your home with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints and specify low VOC finishes and adhesives be used during construction. We specify at least 50% of our lighting use energy efficient bulbs and we
use ENERGY STAR® rated appliances.

All homes must pass 3rd party independent performance tests to achieve the ENERGY STAR® & Earth Advantage certification. At Vision Homes, we believe this makes our homes superior to homes constructed using the basic building code model of construction.

These are the steps in building your Dream Home
1. Determine house plan – location
2. Pre-qualify with lender.
3. Earnest monies – purchase agreement.
4. Go through planning guide to determine amenities.
5. Schedule appointment with design center to make finish selections.
6. Choose lighting package
7. Permit issued – break ground
8. Foundation – framing – roofing – siding – windows
9. Plumbing – HVAC system
10. Electrical – Meet with our representative and electrical contractor to determine switch placement, function, low voltage wiring if applicable. At this point of construction – no other changes are allowed.
11. City or County Framing: Plumbing – HVAC & Electrical inspections completed.
12. Insulation installed
13. ENERGY STAR & Earth Advantage - 1st inspection
14. Drywall installed – Interior Walls painted
15. Interior Trim, doors and cabinets installed.
16. Interior trim painted.
17. Countertops, hard surface flooring installed.
18. Install light fixtures and appliances
19. Install carpet and hardwood (if pre-finished)
20. Schedule appraiser – home inspection.
21. Schedule home owner orientation.
22. Alert utilities to set up your service.
23. Construction punch lists are completed.
24. Final cleaning.
25. ENERGY STAR & Earth Advantage certification testing.
26. Final City or County: Inspection for Certificate of Occupancy
27. Sign closing documents at Title Company.
28. Loan Funding & Records
29. Move In.

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